Details Emerge On Jen Carroll’s NYC Restaurant

Curious about what’s happening with Jen Carroll’s new Greenwich Village version of Concrete Blonde? Even more curious about the events that transpired which drew her out of the confines of Philly and into the deep waters of the NYC restaurant scene? Well, over on the Philly Post, Richard Rys has some of the answers–which include ex-boyfriends, battles with investors, the loss of a damn-near-perfect Center City location (rhymes with Schmarathon…) and the magic of television.

Here’s a taste:

[Carroll] refuses to nail down a target opening date (“sometime in 2013”), and acknowledges that while her Top Chef cachet kept her afloat this past year, it may work against her in a city where jaded gourmands feast on failed celebuchefs. Her plan to avoid that fate is blunt, as usual: “The food has to be fucking amazing,” she says. “I need to live up to it. If not, it’s my fault.”

You can check out the whole interview right now, over on the Philly Post. Just follow the link below.

Jen Carroll Dishes On Her New York Restaurant [Philly Post]