Rickey Night at Kennett

Phoebe Esmon and Christian Gaal will be behind the bar at Kennett tonight with a special menu of Rickeys. The Rickey, for those not in the know was invented in the 1880s at Shoomaker’s in Washington, DC by barkeep George A. Williamson. It is said that ”Colonel” Joe Rickey (lobbyist and man-about-town) collaborated with Williamson to devise a drink to combat the muggy heat of the capital’s summers. The original Rickey consisted of whiskey, fresh lime, & sparkling water. Though bourbon was first favored, the Gin Rickey has had more famous past. But at Kennett tonight there will plenty of room for an entire menu of Rickeys.

Esmon and Gaal are bartending tonight and next Thursday at Kennett. Next week will feature Allagash beers and Di Bruno Bros. cheeses.

Menu of Rickeys at Kennett

The Classic Rickey

Spirits, fresh lime juice, soda water.

w/bourbon, rum, vodka, gin, or blended scotch 8 
w/ cognac, single malt scotch, or grappa 12

Colonel Joe’s Rickey
(the Colonel’s personal preference)
Bourbon, fresh lemon juice, soda water. 8

Ricardo Montalban
Reposado Tequila, muddled cilantro, a pinch salt, fresh lime, soda water. 10

Ricky Loves Lucy
White rum, maraschino liqueur, fresh lime, soda water, basil. 10

Rickey, Don’t Lose That Number
Vodka, nectarine shrub, sparkling wine. 10

London Dry Gin, garam masala syrup, fresh lemon, India Pale Ale. 10

Rickey Bobby
Shine, red pepper shrub, soda water. 10

Rickey du Temps Perdu
(Lost Time Rickey)
Bluecoat Gin, Vieux Carré Absinthe, ginger/thyme shrub, soda water. 12

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