Philly’s Best Fries…Revealed!


Remember a couple week’s ago when we celebrated Potato Week here at Foobooz World HQ? Yeah, that truly was a week just chock full of starchy awesomeness.

But there are still a couple loose ends left hanging from our tuberous festivities, and one of those loose ends is the naming of the best french fry in the city. Oh, we named plenty of bests. We gave you nine places scattered around Philly where the potato-obsessed might score an order of truly excellent fried ‘taters. But because of the Best of Philly issue (which, at that time, hadn’t yet been released), we weren’t able to name the BEST of the best.

But now that is no longer a concern. The Best of Philly issue is on the stands. Everyone knows who has the best pho and the best burgers and the best chicken livers in the city. And now we can finally complete our list of the best french fries in Philadelphia. And the winner was…

Best French Fries in Philadelphia

Monk’s Cafe! About which we said:

We love fat-fried, foie-gras-slathered pommes fr­ites just as much as the next gastropub enthusiast, but this beer bar’s gimmick-free, salt-kissed basket of fries (plus the divine inspiration that is the accompanying bourbon mayonnaise) is the tastiest, most dangerously easy to eat we’ve found.

So there you have it, folks. The top ten is now complete and all is right with the world. And if you’re in the mood for more bests (Best French Restaurant, Best Cocktails, Best Restaurant For A 1st Date, the list goes on and on…), you know where to go.

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Photo via Robyn Lee | Flickr