Opening Soon: Bainbridge Street Barrel House

Hey, remember that time back in February, 2011 when Victor Fiorillo tried to find out what was taking up the space at 6th and Bainbridge Streets and all anyone would tell him was that “someone that is somehow associated with Bella Vista Beer Distributors and of Greek descent intends to open a bar-restaurant at 6th and Bainbridge. They will not serve French food. The plates will not be made out of paper”?

We do, and though we still cannot confirm the owner’s descent we do know a bit more.

The Bainbridge Street Barrel House is taking over the bottom floor of the previously abandoned building and apartments will settle in the upper floors. Extensive demolition has been going on and the Barrel House is set to open by Labor Day. I know exactly what you’re thinking: what will their bathrooms look like?

In their recent Facebook updates Bainbridge has given us details on this and more.

There will be:

  • “Memorable” bathrooms, unlike most others which are overlooked.
  • 24 taps of local, regional, and imported beers.
  • 3 taps dedicated to PA-brewed beers.
  • A cider list “to die for.”
  • A wine list “that’s smart and exquisite.”
  • A whiskey list that is “intoxicatingly lush.”
  • A “perfect” drink list.
  • And a brunch, lunch, bar, and dinner menu that is influenced by European and Asian culture.

If the surrounding area is lucky the food and drink at Bainbridge will be as luxurious as the restaurant’s vocabulary.

Bainbridge Street Barrel House [Facebook]