Six Pack: Deviled Eggs Are Having a Moment

Deviled eggs aren’t just for holidays at your aunt’s house anymore: they’re a full-fledged appetizer just waiting for the right creative hands to make them the masterpieces they really are. Okay, so that might be a bit over the top, but they’ve come a lot farther than your standard boiled-yolk-mustard-and-mayo combo and right now they’re popping up on menus all around town. Check out what these six Philadelphia restaurants are doing deviled eggs in new and delicious ways.

Wasabi Deviled Eggs in Center City

Matt Levin’s Square Peg is all about putting a twist on classic comfort food, so trying out a deviled egg was a natural choice. Levin’s version features wasabi mayo and a bit of pickled mustard seeds on top.

Square Peg (Center City)
929 Walnut St.
(215) 413-3600

Supper’s Daily Devils

Each and every day Supper has a different deviled egg, and the selection changes depending on what seasonal ingredients are available. Try ‘em out if you’re feeling a little adventurous.

Supper (Bella Vista)
926 South St.
(215) 592-8180

Scrapple and Eggs in Rittenhouse

Though scrapple is a polarizing food for most folks, Rittenhouse Tavern added pork scrapple to their deviled eggs anyway. Love it or hate it, it’s a little bit of breakfast all in one bite.

Rittenhouse Tavern (Rittenhouse)
251 South 18th St.
(215) 732-2412 

Percy Street’s Classic Deviled Eggs

As if the classic barbecuing wasn’t enough to draw you here, adding their traditional sweet smoked paprika-topped deviled eggs on the side can only increase your love for Percy Street BBQ.

Percy Street BBQ (Bella Vista)
(215) 625-8510
900 South St. 

Crabby Eggs at Route 6

Wishing you were at the beach while stuck in the city? You could head over to Route 6 where the nautical theme assaults your eyes at every turn. And while you’re there you could try the blue crab-stuffed deviled eggs as a starter.

Route 6 (Fairmount)
600 N. Broad St.
(215) 391-4600

Great Sides at Village Whiskey

Of course they have the Whiskey King but Village Whiskey isn’t just about the burgers. With a large selection of pickles and their duck fat fries, you may even be too full to try the deviled eggs at the bar.

Village Whiskey (Center City East)
118 South 20th St.
(215) 665-1088