Best Of Philly: This Is What A Sandwich Tasting Should Look Like

There is something to be said for presentation. And for preparedness. Yesterday, we were fortunate enough to receive a sandwich delivery from Shank’s (for yet another in our long string of Best Of Philly tastings), and when it showed up, not only was it generous enough to feed most of the edit staff (and kind to the vegetarians working in divisions other than Foobooz World HQ, with a loaded platter of eqqplant hoagies), but everything came labeled, laid out and with plates, napkins, silverware and a delightful antipasti tray. Each sandwich was even marked with whether or not it was coming on a seeded roll.

What came inside the pretty wrappings was pretty good, too. The chicken cutlet with roasted red peppers and provolone was overwhelmed somewhat by the peppers (and I’ll take hot over roasted red bells any day), but the other chicken cutlet variety with broccoli rabe and cheese was excellent. It was good enough to remind me that, among other things, Philadelphia is a city that has made me fall in love with broccoli rabe all over again.

So thanks, Shank’s! And way to plan ahead.

Shank’s Original [Official website]