And We Have A Winner: Foobooz Barrio Pop-Up Contest

The votes have been cast. The entrants have been scrutinized. And we have come to a decision about who will win the two tickets to Wheeler del Torro’s Barrio pop-up happening this Saturday night.

The deal was, add two new questions to the (semi-ridiculous) questionnaire that all potential diners were asked to fill out prior to being allowed to spend $150 on tickets. And while we had some funny entries (Question 1: What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow? Question 2: What is your major malfunction?) and some serious entries (You have $50 to spend at Whole Foods. Which one item do you buy?), the one that best captured the combined ego and cleverness of demanding answers from your potential dinner guests was…

Meghan! Her two questions were:

1) Sartre said hell is other people. Which is worse? An eternity with Ina Garten and a looping soundtrack of her fake laughter? Or eternity with a wide-eyed Paula Deen force-feeding you sticks of butter?

2) If you could use only one eating utensil (knife, fork, or spoon) for the rest of your life, which would it be?

And for this, she wins a pair of tickets to dinner on Saturday with Wheeler. $300 worth of vegetarian Afro-Cuban food, near as we can tell, and all the fun that that entails.

Thanks to everyone who played along. And congrats to Meghan on her win. We’ll be in touch.