Greatest Hits and What You Missed: Ramen, Pie, Tashan, Blackfish and Rex

What do we love? Ramen! What do we love? Pie! What do we love? Crawfish! Steaks! Cheap drinks in swanky rooms and the sudden, dawning realization in the rest of the country that Philly has food and chefs that need to be paid attention to now. It was another helluva week–all full of awards and openings and noodles and more–and we were there keeping tabs on all of it. But if you were busy doing other stuff, that’s cool, baby. We got your back. So here’s what you might’ve missed…

Roundeye Noodle Bar Announces Second Pop-Up What I want to hear is when they’ll announce that they’re, you know… Open
Tashan’s Dish Of The Year in GQ We already knew how good it was. Glad Richman made the trip
2012 James Beard Awards Semi-Finalists Announced It’s a Philly-heavy list. Why? Because we’re awesome, that’s why
Magpie Brings Pie To South Street And who doesn’t love pie?
Rex 1516 Brings Southern Comfort To South Street Because folks also love crawfish and grits
Reserve Opening Tomorrow A decadent steakhouse with $10 cocktails? Count me in
Revisiting Blackfish How is Chip Roman holding on now that he’s heading towards celebrity status?