So Little Bar is Closed and Ickyness Reigns

So Little Bar at 8th and Fitzwater has closed down. Philebrity had the story first with a link to a Yelp review that claimed a patron was shaken down for money at the bar. The stories don’t get better in Philebrity’s comments. Owner  Michael D’Addesi tells City Paper’s A.D. Amorosi that he’s getting out of the bar business in order to attend law school in North Carolina. D’Addesi also tells Amorosi that the new operators “are going in the neighborhood bar/restaurant direction.” This might be welcome news to neighbors who had problems with Vesuvio and weren’t fans of live music at Little Bar either.

Us, we remember the early days of Vesuvio when they offered a great Kobe burger for half-priced during Monday Night Football and when the Vesuvio Cheesesteak BLT was named the best sandwich in America by the TODAY Show. We wouldn’t mind a return to either of those menu items.