Osteria Offering Afternoon Wine Classes

Osteria is offering Thursday afternoon beverage classes. Next Thursday’s 2 p.m. class is Fundamentals of Tasting Wine: Acidity, Minerality, and Tannin Demystified. The two hour class is $35 per person and includes tastes of beverage director Steve Wildy’s favorite wines as well as light snacks.

Is it tannin or acidity that causes your mouth to feel dry? What makes a wine “minerally”? Join us at Osteria on Thursday January 12th for class with our beverage director Steve Wildy and a lively afternoon of discussing and dissecting the major components of wine. Steve will taste you through some of his favorite reds and whites with an emphasis on describing acidity, tannin, minerality, and more.

Upcoming Classes:

Natural Wine: Organic and Biodynamic Principles in the Vineyard and in the Cellar

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Other Bubbles: The Unique Sparkling Wines of Italy Beyond Prosecco

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