Year in Review: January

All week we’ll be looking back on 2011. The biggest stories, the best dishes, our favorite quotes and notable openings and closings.


Dish of the Month

Uovo in brodetto – Fork & Barrel

“Felton’s uovo in brodetto, a set of sunny-sides baked in a bowl of bad-ass gravy that counts bacon, pork sausage and ancho chili among its ingredients. Pierced with points of sourdough, the delicate yolks bleed, turning the coarse, tomato-red sauce a bright orange. This might be riff on Eggs in Purgatory, but paired with one of Fork & Barrel’s Italian ales, it’s heaven.” Adam Erace, City Paper

Quote of the Month

“Expect an orgy of good eating when you dig into the tower of phallic shaped vegetables, enjoy the chili peppers that plump your lips and arouse endorphins, taste the almonds that signify female sexual pressure, and fill up on zinc, essential for producing testosterone.”From an actual press release

Notable Openings

Cantina FelizLe Pain QuotidienManakeesh Café BakeryMonsu

Notable Closings

401 DinerSimon PearceSolaris Grille