Opening Dates

The next couple of weeks look to be exciting ones for restaurant openings in Philadelphia. Here’s a rundown of what we know.

Tomorrow we will see the doors flung open at Kevin Sbraga’s new restaurant. Monday is the debut of Federal Donuts and on Tuesday marks we’ll see the soft opening of whiskey and go-go offering Trestle Inn.

Chris Painter’s Il Pittore has the firm date of October 25th and several other spots are promising they will be open before November hits.

  • Hop Sing Laundromat – The singular Lêe promises he’ll be serving drinks on his nickel covered bar by October 31st.
  • Molly Malloy’s – The Reading Terminal bar looks just about complete. They’re promising to open next week.
  • Vedge – The cotton candy serving vegetarian restaurant is in its final stretch. Follow @VedgeRestaurant to see which contractor is still driving Rich Landau nuts.