Zinc Gets New Chef, Menu for Fall

Olivier Desaintmartin, owner of Caribou Cafe and  Zinc has brought in a new chef de cuisine at Zinc. Nanina Scriber comes from Benoit in New York where she was a sous chef. Scriber has created a new menu for fall, new dishes include seared skate with toasted almonds and classic brown butter sauce as well as a new $85 wild duck dinner for two.

Wild duck served two ways.
First service: The duck is carved and prepared table side.
The breasts are removed, seared and served
with roasted potatoes and caramelized onions.
The carcass is pressed in our 1870 French silver press
to release all juices. These juices are flambéed with Cognac
then reduced to a succulent sauce to cover the breasts.
Second service: The remaining legs and wings, finished simply
on the grill are served on a tasty salad.