UPDATED: And Now, Some (Potential) Good News For Manayunk’s Main Street

While Manayunk may be home to plenty of trendy, collar-popping college-aged (and college-graduated) Jersey Shore types, binge-spending their credit scores into the dirt on any given weekend night, random locations with quality craft beers are slowly creeping away from their nooks up the hill and coming down into the traffic of Main Street. These new spots are bringing to the town’s main thoroughfare something cold to drink that ain’t Bud Light.

Enter, Terrace Taproom. Coming…sometime soon. Where? We don’t know yet.

UPDATE: Actually, now we kinda do. I just talked with Jane Lipton, executive director of the Manayunk Development Corporation, and she told us that the license from the Terrace Taproom is going to be moving (along with some of the principles from the Taproom) into the heart of Main Street, somewhere in the three-block stretch between Levering and Rector.  The new joint will be a microbrew-y kind of place, but what it will not be is another Terrace Taproom. The Taproom itself is, as of this moment, dead and gone with no word on what might be taking over the space.

First, the bad news. For the moment at least, it looks like the Taproom is closed. Late last week and throughout the weekend, no one was answering  the phones. Its doors at 3847 Terrace Street were locked. But a man I chanced upon while stalking the neighborhood (and who claimed to be associated with the Taproom’s owner), said he (the owner) owner was in the process of moving its license over to Main Street.

Which means that the Taproom stands poised to usher in a trend of good drinking on Main Street–the opportunities for which, at present, are scarce. There’s the Flat Rock (which offers a score of craft glory) and the Manayunk Brew Pub (currently underwater) which, on drier days, brews its own beer. Sometimes good. Sometimes not. So it is.

The Taproom opened last November on Terrace Street at Salignac, between Dawson St. Pub and the Old Eagle. Both of those places are safe havens from the Great Society and they pour great beer. The Taproom, though, featured more than 50 craft beers (Lost Coast Tangerine, Laughing Dog the Dogfather, Samuel Smith Taddy Porter just for starters) plus a nouvelle junk food/gastropub menu that boasted both salads and Cuban sandwiches, meatloaf panini and tater tots.

And while we don’t yet know if the rumored relocation will mean a larger craft selection, an expanded menu or free pony rides out front, what we do know is that it should give us at least one more reason to experience Main Street.