UPDATE: Moon Out at Talula’s Garden

Rumors are flying that chef Matt Moon is out at Talula’s Garden. Anonymous tips, Twitter messages, late night texts–we’ve gotten this story every which way except officially. Repeated calls to the restaurant got us nothing but, at first, confusion, and then, later, a variety of no-comments and directions to take our annoying questions to the Starr Restaurants offices. We’ve go calls into Aimee Olexy, Starr and Moon. But so far mums the word. One thing we know for sure? Moon wasn’t cooking on Monday (which is normally his night off, apparently). And it didn’t seem like he was expected on Tuesday either.

Update: Confirmation has been received that Matt Moon is indeed out at Talula’s Garden after about two weeks on the job. Which means yet another entry in the official Talula’s Garden Timeline.

  • Wednesday, April 13th – Talula’s Garden opens with Michael Santoro running the kitchen.
  • Friday, July 8th – Talula’s Garden sous chef Chris D’Ambro reported to replace Matt Moon as Executive Chef at Talula’s Table.
  • Sunday, July 24th – Craig LaBan calls the food at Talula’s Garden “fussily precious.”
  • Tuesday, August 2nd – It is reported Michael Santoro is out as Executive Chef at Talula’s Garden.
  • Monday, August 8th – Matt Moon is named as the new Executive Chef at Talula’s Garden
  • Tuesday, August 16thBon Appetit names Talula’s Garden as one of the top new restaurants in America.
  • Monday, August 22nd – Has Matt Moon quit as Executive Chef after less than a month?
  • Tuesday, August 23rd – Yup, Moon is out. His official tenure: 14 days.