The Not-Eater Cold Map

The Palm
Because caricatures aren’t even cool when you’re ten years old and some burnout on the Boardwalk is drawing you with a giant head, riding in a dune buggy. Because it feels like you have to be dressed like the Monopoly man just to have a drink at the bar. Because the overwrought service seems stilted even by Captain of Industry standards. And because every meal there feels like an eternity spent in the land of 10,000 grandpas.

Think money can buy cool? Chenango will prove you wrong.

The Olive Garden on Chestnut Street
There is no such thing as a cool Olive Garden. But when you’ve got 10 Arts, Zavino, Capital Grille, McGillin’s, El Vez and about a dozen other good restaurants all within a couple blocks, what’s your excuse for eating here? Are the breadsticks really THAT good?

An “International” menu that reads like a field manual on how to be mediocre at everything and bad service to boot? You can do better. And should.