Quick Bites: Jennifer Carroll Looking, Square Pizza Coming

Arthur Kade, yes that Arthur Kade scores an interesting interview with Jennifer Carroll. Her last meal would be cooked by Michael Solomonov and she’s looking to open her own restaurant. [ArthurKade.com]

Santucci’s at 10th and Christian held a job fair yesterday and hope to be serving square pizzas in about a week.

A.kitchen is now an all-day affair as the Rittenhouse spot is now open for lunch. We admit to being intrigued by the $15 cheesesteak even though we know it will piss off some Foobooz readers to the high heavens. [a.kitchen]

A business card in the window of Illuminaire says they’re closed through Labor Day, the web site just says Thank You. Owner Brian Augustine tells Michael Klein that “family issues have forced him to take personal time.” A Philly.com commenter refers to the “gin mills” making money on either side. Gin mills? Really? [The Insider]

Nick Ochs is already out at the Main Street Market in Manayunk. Where to next is next is up in the air. [The Insider]