Tequila Has Joined Forces With Carrot Juice In Fairmount, But You’ll Have To Wait Until August For Bloody Marys

I’m generally against bringing novelty into a cocktail menu. So when Fare manager Robert Amar (yes, he in the periphery of that whole Shola/Speck mess) set an El Soul in front of me after I stumbled into his brand new Fairmount restaurant last night, I was skeptical. The El Soul combines tequila, which I usually drink straight, with carrot juice, which I hadn’t drank since I dated that vegetarian Russian gymnast in the 90s, and I didn’t see any good reason to drink something that married the two.

But, well, Amar was standing there, looking at me, so I kind of had to at least give it a taste. I have to admit, while it’s not going to replace straight whiskey or an ice cold gin martini as my spirited drink of choice, I liked it a whole lot more than I thought I was going to, enough so that I was more than just a willing participant in subsequently trying the True Love. Yes, I know, it’s named True Love and contains something called 4 Orange Premium Vodka, but the marriage of orange-flavored vodka with fresh beet and cucumber juices was spot on. Amar says that once August brings its bounty of awesome local tomatoes, he’ll be juicing them for Bloody Marys but refuses to serve a Mary until then. So particular. Good news for Fairmount.