What a Beer Week

Philly Beer Week is finally behind us. We had a great time and it sounds like that was the general consensus. We were blown away by how many great beers we found at the Opening Tap, and all of those were local. Other highlights to us included the a root beer porter from Yards that we sampled at Percy Street. The 35 Victory beers at City Tap House were also a highlight (no, we did not try to sample them all). We also finally tried Oregon’s Deschutes and several other awesome beers at Resurrection Ale House over the weekend. We enjoyed the With Love Beer Garden at the Four Seasons so much we were there three of the five evenings it was open. Here’s hoping the Four Seasons considers similar events in the future.

Of course with so many events there are a few regrets as we did not make it to Late Night with Joe Gunn at Jose Pistola’s and also didn’t make it to Zythos America. But none of those regrets comes close to our embarrassment over our mechanical bull performance at Percy Street. You should have seen us in Arizona.

So tell us, what were your favorite events, beers and moments. And if you have any regrets, tell us them too.