The Stew’s the Thing at Danny’s

Adam Erace checks out Danny’s Cafe on Snyder Avenue and declares the stews “singular.”

Stew weather is long gone, but the flavors and textures in these exotically scented pots can cut through the Philly humidity. Think smoky Thai curry spices for the chicken stew, strips of succulent dark meat falling off thigh bones and into the saffron-gold sauce, while the homey Vietnamese-style beef stew borrows flourishes of fish sauce, lime leaf, lemongrass and cilantro from its distant cousin, pho.With a smile and plastic-gloved hand, Lynn serves the stews in neat square bowls with sides of lime, a salt/pepper blend and a non-seeded Sarcone’s torpedo wrapped in a wax-paper sheath. Tear. Dunk. Repeat as needed.

Oh, Danny Boy [City Paper]