One Large Pie: Half Sausage, Half Sabotage

The restaurant business has always been cutthroat, but the owner of Upper Darby pizza shop Nick’s Bella Pizza seems to have taken besting the competition to a new level. According the Daily News, the alleged saboteur went in to a neighboring pizza shop to use the bathroom and left behind … a rodent infestation:

Facas said his brother, who was working at the time, noticed footprints on the toilet seat and looked in the ceiling above the toilet, where he found the man’s plastic bag with a paper bag inside. Thinking the bag was filled with drugs, he gave it to two Upper Darby police officers who were in the shop eating lunch, Chitwood said. But instead of drugs, there were several little, hairy, white mice in the bag, police said.

Maybe this is why it’s been so hard to get good pizza in this town?

Cops: Pizza-store owner concocts half-baked plan [Daily News]