Line(s) of the Week: Marc Vetri, Michael Klein, and Yer Mom

We’ve been remiss in picking our favorite Line of the Week, so this week we’re picking three. The first, pictured above, comes from chef Marc “You Can’t Handle the Truth!” Vetri’s Twitter feed.

Then there’s this bit from Michael Klein’s Table Talk column, where he tactfully describes the interior of new sports bar Chubby Balboa’s:

As the name implies, the interior is aiming for a knockout, with arches and columns reminiscent of a casino’s interpretation of ancient Rome, beneath a black, industrial ceiling.

And finally, in yesterday’s Get Ready for Cook, Coming to Rittenhouse in June post, we have a totally adorable malapropism from commenter Donna.

“Awesome, I’ve been trying to find something like this for my daughter who is an inspiring chef. Can’t wait until it opens!”

No doubt, Donna’s daughter inspires her mom, but we think she’s probably still aspiring to be a chef. Moms are just the cutest.