Year in Review: December

Bigos at Philadelphia Bar & Restaurant | Philadelphia Inquirer


Dish of the Month

Budino at Barbuzzo

My favorite ending is a chef’s savory-sweet delight, a chocolate budino pudding glazed with a lid of caramel with crunchy salt – at first a disorienting touch that ultimately deepens the allure. Add a glass of Malmsey Madeira, a caramel-coffee tinged with briny tang, and you’ll have a perfect match. Craig LaBan, Philadelphia Inquirer

Quote of the Month

“This innocent-sounding bowlful arrived at the table trailing an odor that can only be described as ‘uncomfortably human,’ like certain dank corners of the SEPTA concourse on a hot summer day.”Brian Freedman, Philadelphia Weekly

Notable Openings

The Corner, Dandelion, Kokopelli, Marabella Meatball Company, Philadelphia Belle

Notable Closings

Spaghetti Warehouse, Swift Half, T.A. Flannery’s