First Night Market Opens Next Thursday

The first of six roaming neighborhood food bazaars heads for Passyunk Avenue

Headhouse Farmers’ Market lovers, listen up! The Food Trust, the local organization behind most of the area’s farmers’ markets, has organized a mid-week evening alternative to your favorite weekend shopping destination.

Inspired by the bustling nighttime bazaars in Asia, Night Market will rove to six different locations over the next 18 months, with each one-night installment taking place in a different neighborhood. Instead of regular farmers’ market fare, patrons can pick up tasty prepared foods from local restaurants, including Sugar Philly’s chocolate-hazelnut macaroons and Cantina Los Caballitos’s shrimp ceviche.

The inaugural Night Market happens next Thursday, September 30 in South Philly at Passyunk Avenue and Tasker Avenue. Click through for a full list of sort of treats you might find.

Thursday, September 30, 2010
6 p.m. to 10 p.m.
Passyunk Avenue and Tasker Street
Visit to join their mailing list to learn about future Night Markets.

arancini: Sicilian fried rice balls, often stuffed wtih ragu or mozzarella
At Night Market:
Paradiso’s classic arancini filled with smoked mozzarella

bahn mi: Vietnamese hoagie — a baguette filled with pickled vegetables and spiced meats
At Night Market:
Tyson Bees’ version with Black Forest ham and dill aioli

ceviche: Latin American preparation of fresh fish, marinated in citrus juice and spiced with chiles
At Night Market: Cantina Los Caballitos’s shrimp ceviche with tomatoes, jalapenos and avocado

macarons: French meringue-based cookies, filled with flavored buttercream
At Night Market: Sugar Philly’s delicate chocolate-hazelnut macaroons

takoyaki: Japanese dumplings, traditionally filled with savory ingredients
At Night Market: Maru Global’s sweet spin, hot chocolate chip takoyaki

Plus: tacos al pastor, sausage sandwiches, savory waffles, oxtail stew, gelato,  cupcakes