Pop-Up Success

We were lucky enough to get a table at the Talula’s Table “Pop-Up restaurant” last night, the Starr Restaurants concept for what to do when with an empty restaurant space (Washington Square) and we were treated to a bunch of what makes Talula’s Table so special.

There was the Kennett mushroom soup with the broth poured table side over delicious mushrooms and a bone marrow croquette.

In the middle was ravioli stuffed with smoked scallops that came out perfectly.

For the main course it was delectable risotto topped with the most tender beef cheeks and cave aged cheddar.

For the cheese course we went with the Cheese 301, an intense sampling of seven cheeses. Aimee Olexy brought the cheeses out and described them with a passion that was infectious. So much so that when it was time for dessert we revisited the cheeses, this time with four American blue cheeses including our new favorite, Point Reyes Original Blue.

It was a wonderful meal and well worth the triple-digit per person price tag (we did have plenty of drinks).

No one would say for sure what the next pop-up would be but Greek and Indian were floated as possibilities. We’ll let you know just as soon as we know.

*** Even if you weren’t able to get reservations consider stopping over at Washington Square tonight for a drink on the outdoor patio. For a small taste of Talula’s, order the Pickled Martini that’s finished with two of Talula’s own pickles. The outdoor space is still wonderful and with today’s weather, a perfect spot to linger. ***