Burger Malice at the Palace

Adam Erace suffers through the lines at Bobby’s Burger Palace in order to get some woefully inconsistent burgers. At least the shakes and fries shine.

I could like the Napa Valley Burger, with Vermont goat cheese and Meyer-lemon honey mustard, had it not been built as carelessly as Depression-era tenement housing. There was more cheese than there was beef—the creamy mound half off the edge of the sandwich like a muffin-top on too-tight jeans—and the mustard was undetectable. The Buffalo Style Burger was just as messy, slimed by the cooks with not-hot hot sauce and not-tangy blue-cheese dressing. It was a Rorschach test of black and white and orange, a 5-year-old Flyers fan’s fingerpaint disaster. Both burgers came garnished with wet, wilted watercress you wouldn’t feed a homeless rabbit.

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