It’s Fat Tuesday, a night that used to thrill as many as it scared. South Street was a powder keg and one year it exploded. Since then the night in Philadelphia has been a parade of police presence and the fun has been wiped away.

Tonight Brauhaus Schmitz is bringing back some fun to South Street as the German restaurant is celebrating the last day of Karneval, the German version of Mardi Gras. There will be specials. Gaffel Koelsch, Reissdorf Koelsch and the new Stoudts Koelsch will be available for $1.50 0.2 liters.

Representatives from Stoudts will be at the Brauhaus to unveil their “Karnival Koelsch”. Brauhaus is the first place to receive this beer as it is just being kegged this week. There will also be Fastnachts Donuts and dinner specials from Köln.