Elevated Burger

Drew Lazor checks out Elevation Burger, the environmentally friendly burger chain that has opened its first local location in Wynnewood. Here’s hoping he took the train.

Single-source, organic, free-range, grass-fed beef is the restaurant’s biggest point of pride, so I tried it in the signature Elevation Burger, a double patty layered with cheddar and your choice of toppers (I picked lettuce, tomato pickles and a zingy balsamic mustard, but there’s also stuff like caramelized onions, hot pepper relish and the tomato-based “Elevation Sauce”). The burger’s lean ground-in-house meat was round in natural beef flavor, but my patties tasted slightly dry — likely a result of their across-the-board cook-to-well policy. I easily squished the bun into submission, and it didn’t draw attention away from the main meat attraction, the way a good burger bun should.

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