Found this post on PhiladelphiaSpeaks.com and thought it might be a fun one to toss out there.

Ok, so my daughter’s friend’s family took her bowling at Lucky Strike, and then they went to lunch at a restaurant she keeps raving about, but has no idea which restaurant it is. I’d simply ask her friend’s parents, but they are out of town on spring break.

So…it’s a 7 minute walk (I imagine a slow one) from Lucky Strike in an unknown direction. My daughter thinks that it’s a French restaurant–they had great escargot, burgers (bun was perfectly firm and crisp without being too crunchy), and fries. The walls were cream colored and the furniture was heavy and wood. She said that it seemed “casual upscale”. The building visible from their window was large, gray, and had engravings of “naked ladies”. Keep in mind that the details come from a 13 year old girl…

The daughter was shown photos of Caribou Cafe and says that’s not the place, “it’s more ‘classy and refreshing’ looking.”

Name This Restaurant! [PhiladelphiaSpeaks.com