28 Days To Beer Week

It’s 4 weeks until Philly Beer Week and we have to admit, we haven’t begun to think about what we’re going to do. Well other than get on that liver transplant list.

The list of events is daunting, just over 300 at this point. Here’s a round up of what other people are saying.

Why do we have the sneaky suspicion that by the end of  Philly Beer Week, this tattoo isn’t going to be as unique as it is now. [Beer Radar]

The SEPTA Philly Beer Week Day Pass is now on sale. [SEPTA] via Brew Lounge

Lew Bryson is practicing moderation for this year’s Beer Week. He’s only directly involved in three events but we have a feeling he’ll be seen at more. [Seen Through a Glass]

The official site is of course growing and growing and getting around it requires a couple of tips. Jack Curtin turns us on to how to find all events related to a brewery or location (participant). [Liquid Diet]

Another way to check out the events is via the unofficial Google spreadsheet from the Brew Lounge. 299 rows and updated yesterday. [Brew Lounge]

Philly Beer Week [Official Site]