Genuine Bread Is The Real Deal

The Philadelphia Daily News visits Genuine Bread and Specialty Shoppe on Springfield Avenue in University City and has some genuine love for the home-cooked goodness.

The breads, cakes and pies all have the home-cooked touch. These are what Abel calls “American” breads. They are not quite as crusty as European style, but a far cry from the supermarket sponge. The texture is perfect for sandwiches.

I bought a loaf of the cinnamon bread ($3.50) and made grilled peach crostini that got thumbs up at a brunch the next day. The light-as-air biscuits ($1 each) didn’t make it past the second trolley stop.

Dinners are value-priced at $6.50 and come with two sides and a roll or cornbread. Meal service usually begins around 2 p.m. and goes until the food runs out.

If it’s Genuine, then it’s the real thing [Philadelphia Daily News]