Unknot? Uh Huh!

The Illadelph always seems to get the boutique hotel news first and today he has a bombshell. The Unknot, pictured above, is set to be built at 12th and Chestnut streets. The building itself is certainly not your father’s Philadelphia, heck it isn’t even ours yet. But most exciting for Foobooz readers might be that there is already a restaurant inked.

Continuing with the very upscale and superior theme, the restaurant for the hotel has already been secured and it’s a five-star special. Monsieur Joël Robuchon will be doing the signature restaurant: one of his L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon restaurants — his third in the United States (New York and Vegas have the others).

The l’atelier concept was at the forefront of the movement to reconnect the chef and the kitchen with the diner, a movement that is just now picking up mainstream recognition — thanks to, in large part, Sir David Chang and his Momofukin’.

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[The Illadelph]