Morning Beer & Vegetarian News

Last week Joe Sixpack tried to help get you laid, this week he continues his quest to bring sexy back to beer with this article entitled “In this cold, warm up your tummy (and parts south) with a good stout.” It has a great clip-n-save on the many different varieties of delicious stout. Also, Joe has a book on the Philly beer scene coming out, just in time for Philly Beer Week.

Lew Bryson lasers in on the itsiest of microbrewers in Micro Microbreweries: Beer on a Truly Micro Scope []

Alert Hugs for Puppies! There’s a Philadelphian candidate in PETA’s annual Sexy Vegetarian contest:

The contest sponsored by PETA, people for the ethical treatment of animals, is hoping to highlight vegetarians with beauty and brains. Amanda Whiting, a former Eagles cheerleader with a degree in public relations, hopes she represents both. []

That’s right, a degree in public relations signifies brains.