Time to Say Ta to Ludwig’s

We just got off the phone with Vintage owner Jason Evenchik and he gave us the full, unadulterated scoop on the closing of Ludwig’s that we previously reported.

Evenchik and his partner/wife Delphine have indeed taken it over and will be reopening it sometime in March (if all goes smoothly) as Time.

The Bavarian vibe will be replaced by a sleeker look, although Evenchik says that most of the work he will be doing is cosmetic and involves mostly cleaning, painting, redecorating and, of course, “getting rid of the smell.” There will be still be beer: 20 on tap and 50 by the bottle with a focus on craft brews. Which is good news, but the even better news is the focus on brown liquors. Evenchik plans to have a superior selection of single malts, ryes, whiskeys and bourbons and hopes to make it a destination for the best Manhattans and whiskey-based drinks in town.

Food is going to be “American”, which Evenchik defines in this instance as “old school updated country club,” but is not firm yet. He’s in discussion with several chefs. There will still be live music downstairs and a lounge with DJs is planned for upstairs.

For real estate junkies: Tony Goldman bought the building, but is not an owner of or investor in Time.

As much as we’re bummed to see the quirky weirdness of Ludwig’s leave, this sounds very intriguing. Very.

Vintage [Official Site]