Brunch At The Belgian Cafe

Phillyist is among the first to check out brunch at the Belgian Cafe a couple of Sundays ago. And there’s plenty to look forward to, including brunch mussels like, smoked salmon, red onion, and caper with mussels and charcuterie mussels: ham, sausage, goat cheese, and mustard.

The smoky flavor from the salmon permeated Ross’s mussels, giving them an excellent, and unique, flavor. The salmon itself, having cooked with the mussels, was perhaps a bit rubbery, but in such small chunks that it still remained easy to chew. My mussels were excellent, although the flavor from the goat cheese was almost imperceptible (you saw the cheese far more than you tasted it), perhaps because of the strong mustard flavor. I think next time, if I order this dish, I’ll ask for extra cheese.

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