Labor Day Weekend

If you’re a traditionalist then you’re headed down to the Jersey shore and probably not reading this. But if you find yourself in the city this weekend we recommend the Fringe Fest and if picking something seems like too much of a challenge just head to the Late Night Cabaret for a taste of it all, always a blast. This year the cabaret is at Club Polaris, 460 N 9th Street (the former Starlight Ballrooom).

Mojito has been going on all summer. If you haven’t been you owe it to yourself to check it out at the Moshulu.

Lucy’s Hat Shop is taking advantage of the holiday weekend with a super charged version of their Drunken Monkey day. Discounted drinks all day plus $1 hot dogs and $2 Hamburgers from 2 PM to 10 PM. Bikini Jello Wrestling starting at 7.

Whenever the world has off on a Monday we always recommend partying it up with Fast, Cheap and Out of Control at Fluid.

You’re on your own!

Other Weekend Ideas
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Daily Candy
Fringe Fest