McDuff Tries A Royal Burger

Royal Tavern
McDuff’s Food & Wine Trail makes a pit stop at the Royal Tavern before attending a concert at the TLA. In addition to a Brooklyn Pilsner and a Stone IPA he has the Royal Tavern Angus Burger.

The Royal Tavern Angus Burger: a medium sized patty of good quality, properly fatty ground beef on a slightly oversized brioche bun; caramelized onions, bacon, smoked Gouda and long hots. Fries, served with a malt vinegar mayo, come with as the standard side but can be subbed out for any number of other options. I take my burger medium-rare. For me, it’s the ideal degree of doneness but it seems to be the temp that kitchens struggle with the most. This one may have come out a little closer to medium but was still satisfyingly juicy. The bacon was crisped just enough to retain its fleshiness without being rubbery, the onions were well browned but not done to the point of intense sweetness and the cheese lent a solid, smoky accent to the whole package.

A Burger and a Beer: Royal Tavern [McDuff’s Wine & Beer Trail]