Tinto – City Paper

City Paper reviews Tinto and although they find plenty to gripe about the decor, it’s all compliments when it comes to the food.

Tinto is not just about faithful renditions. The menu frequently pushes into creative territory with some more inventive concoctions. Three skewers of lamb loin and eggplant are wrapped in bacon and served in tall shot glasses full of sweet onion cream and sherry jus. The sauces meld so succulently that you might find yourself wishing it had come in an imperial pint glass, yet the meat’s distinctive flavor doesn’t get lost at all. Back on the seafood side of things, shirred eggs are loaded with lobster and asparagus and drizzled with an oyster cream that’s brightened with the clean, clear taste of cava, Spain’s sparkling wine.

Basque in Glory [City Paper]