Marigold Kitchen

Phyllis Stein-Novack experiences one of her finest meals in recent memory at Marigold Kitchen in West Philadelphia.

The duck especially sounds like a winner.

My duck breast arrived rare, as ordered. Solomonov sliced it for easy eating and served it with a purée of parsnips and a Swiss chard crepinette. The juicy, tender poultry was out of this world, with natural pan juices enhanced with wine to form a light sauce. The crepinette looked like a round of goat cheese wrapped in a grape leaf; it was a surprise and a first for me. Solomonov made a combination of chopped chicken and duck and blended it with walnuts and barberries, which I had never heard of. (They are a dried fruit that adds a citrus flavor.) This tasty side dish enhanced the duck beautifully.

Three extraordinary tips of the toque to Marigold Kitchen.

Marigold Kitchen [South Philly Review]