At Fogo de Chão The Chef Is Also The Waiter

A.D. Amorosi explains the game of eating at Fogo de Chão.

So what makes Fogo special? It serves 15 cuts of meat, including filet mignon, prime rib, lamb chops and pork sausage. More importantly, it lures young country boys like Jean Boschetti and Leandro Benacchio to join Fogo de Chão as children, then rears them within the chain (there are 13 locations worldwide) until they’re hired on as executive chefs. Given the gauchos’ (pronounced gaw-oo-chos) years of training and Fogo’s emphasis on constant table-side service, they take pride in how they cut their meat and pay close attention to the details (thickness, rareness, temperature, etc.). The relationship between chef and diner is eye to eye, hand to hand and knife to fork.

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