Checking In With The Ultimate BYOB Guide

Gnocchi BYOB
All Summer has been giving us their Ultimate BYOB Guide. And they’re still at it.
When we last checked in aroundphilly was up to part five. But they keep going. Interestingly the gloves are off, as author Brian Freedman is now reviewing places he doesn’t like. And with quotes like this one about El Azteca, that’s a good thing!

it’s not often that I come across one that truly stands out from the crowd. El Azteca II, however, does: The food is so terrifyingly bad, so comically inedible, that I actually found myself shaking my head in wonder with every bite I managed to choke down.

Part 6
Gnocchi, Charles Plaza, Branzino, Lakeside Chinese Deli, Top Tomato

Part 7
Tamarind, La Locanda del Ghiottone, La Creperie Café, Effie’s, Fatou and Fama

Part 8
Radicchio, Cherry Street Chinese Vegetarian Restaurant, Zorba’s Taverna, Kisso, Ong’s

Part 9
Valentino Ristorante, Maccabeam, Essene Café, Nido

Part 10
Las Cazuelas, Porcini, Fitzwater Café, El Azteca II, Alison At Blue Bell

Part 11
Vientiane Café, Cucina Forte, Nan Modern Food, Sitar India Restaurant, Mimosa