Finally Tasting Water Works

Water Works Restaurant and Lounge
Rick Nichols takes in the first night of the Water Works Restaurant and Lounge. The bar stools may not have arrived, the nine-foot water wall may not be installed, but the Water Works Restaurant was finally alive!
Vinilla butter poached lobster could be ordered, as well as grilled lollipop lamb chops. And watermelon sprinkled with feta. But it was the view that united the first night visitors.

You could witness the urban hurly-burly at a gentle, otherworldly remove – tractor-trailers negotiating the expressway, trains of tanker cars slipping across the horizon. This is as Olympian as it gets hereabouts, a place above it all to watch the sun going blood-orange and sinking, the machinery of the city softening in the dove-gray twilight, and outlining Boathouse Row, the stitching of lights sharpening in the dark.

Water Works Restaurant and Lounge [Official Site]