Jeffrey Lurie On Decision To Attend Geno Smith’s Workout

PHOENIX — Jeffrey Lurie addressed a number of topics Monday afternoon at the owners meetings at the Biltmore hotel in Phoenix, including his decision to attend Geno Smith‘s pro day in Morgantown recently.

“It’s a common thing when it’s an important decision,” said the Eagles owner. “We haven’t had a high draft pick for 14 years, and I think it’s true with anybody that we’re going to look at that you want to have all the information you can. It’s a very important decision for us if we stay at No. 4 there.”

So you will be going to the workouts for all the potential picks at No. 4?

“Not necessarily,” Lurie responded. “When you select a quarterback it’s a very big decision so you want to have every piece of information you can and just have as many eyes on it. Nothing more than that, but it’s an important thing.”

Lurie said he probably hadn’t attended a private workout since Donovan McNabb‘s back in 1999.

“It’s also probably the last time we had a ‘lottery pick.’ I don’t expect to probably be doing it in the future, but it doesn’t have to be a lottery pick,” said Lurie. “Just an important pick.”

Lurie generally speaks once during training camp and at the end of the season, but stopped to talk with a small group of reporters outside of the plush Biltmore hotel on the first official day of the meetings.