Weather ‘Certainly Will Impact’ Eagles Game

We have everything covered for you here at Birds 24/7, including your game-day weather forecast — at least when a hurricane is pushing up the coast.

What effect will Hurricane Sandy have on Sunday’s 1 o’clock game between the Eagles and Falcons? We asked Glenn “Hurricane” Schwartz of NBC 10.

“It certainly will impact the game, at the very least with wind,” said Schwartz. “It will be an increasingly windy day. There will probably be rain, and it may be heavy at times. There will be a “Hurricane Watch” at the very least for our coast and there may be people evacuating from the shore, which would make traffic worse.

“It won’t necessarily be the peak time of the storm. It will gradually go downhill Sunday.”

The peak time, according to Schwartz, will likely be Sunday night into Monday morning. The anticipation is that the heaviest rain will be south of Philadelphia during the Eagles game. There will be bands of heavy rain in the area, however.

“I wouldn’t necessarily refer to it as dangerous conditions the way it is now,” said Schwartz.

The weatherman’s advice? Plan some extra time for the commute, bring some rain gear and “get ready for a windy rainstorm.”