2 Ex-Penn State Administrators Plead Guilty in Sandusky Case

Former AD Tim Curley and former VP Gary Schultz have admitted to misdemeanor child endangerment charges.

Tim Curley and Gary Schultz each pleaded guilty on Monday to misdemeanor child endangerment charges as part of the Jerry Sandusky scandal. The charge is punishable by up to five years in prison, but the two avoided felony convictions.

Per the Associated Press, this was the order of events in 2001: A former PSU quarterback, then a graduate assistant with the team, said he saw Sandusky abusing a boy in the shower. Curley, at the time Penn State’s athletic director, and Schultz, the school’s vice president, handled the complaint. Curley and Schultz, along with Penn State president Graham Spanier, told Sandusky he could no longer bring children to campus but did not report him to authorities.

Sandusky was arrested 10 years later. Curley and Schultz were charged, along with Spanier, with felonies. Spanier’s attorneys were in court today, and his case remains pending.