Is Carson Wentz Really Buying a House in North Wildwood?

There’s no record of Wentz buying property there, but rumors are swirling, fueled in part by a Press of Atlantic City report.

Carson Wentz in North Wildwood

Photo illustration, obviously

There’s an article in today’s Press of Atlantic City about the North Wildwood gateway.

If you’re a lifelong shore-goer like myself, you might be interested in the story. It’s about how drivers heading into North Wildwood basically only see empty properties.

At New Jersey and Walnut avenues, three businesses are empty. Nino’s Family Restaurant never reopened after Hurricane Sandy. An old gas station is closed; it couldn’t compete with the Wawa down the road. And a McDonald’s franchise is also shuttered. Nino’s may be demolished soon, and the city hopes to revitalize its gateway area.

But it’s the last paragraph of the story where things get really interesting, when writer Jack Tomczuk lets a little rumor drop about the development in the former location of Coconut Cove:

It’s even rumored that Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz is building a home in the development—but it’s unclear whether his presence will attract more commercial interest to North Wildwood’s gateway.

Yes, that’s right: Carson Wentz could soon own a summer home in the land of sand and Tully Nuts.

I checked into the rumor and … came up pretty much empty. Wentz’s people didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment. At least one lot at the since-demolished Coconut Cove is still for sale, but several have been sold. Unfortunately, a property search turned up no sales to Carson Wentz.

But that doesn’t mean Wentz isn’t moving to North Wildwood! Just think, soon the Eagles quarterback will be spending his summers down the shore, drinking Miller Lite, eating Sam’s Pizza and riding the Flitzer. It will definitely mean a Super Bowl for the Eagles in no time.