Fox 29’s Mike Jerrick on Kellyanne Conway: “She’s Good at Bullshit”

Another great live moment from local TV news.

On Tuesday morning, the team at Good Day Philadelphia discussed the presidential inauguration and the fallout from media comparisons between the crowd size at Trump’s 2016 and Obama’s 2008 inaugurations.

If you can believe it, Obama had bigger crowds. You know who can’t believe it? Donald Trump, who on Saturday sent out press secretary Sean Spicer to claim his inauguration was the “most-watched ever — period.”

The following day on Meet the Press, Trump advisor and Camden native Kellyanne Conway told Chuck Todd that Spicer was simply using “alternative facts.” As everyone else was attempting to wrap their heads around that concept, Good Day’s Mike Jerrick just cut to the chase: “She’s good at bullshit!”

After a reminder — from one of the guests! — that they all were on a morning show, co-anchor Alex Holley apologized to viewers.

Reached for comment, Fox 29 sent Philadelphia magazine a statement from Erica Keane, SVP of Corporate Communications for Fox Television Stations: “This is not in line with our FOX Television Stations’ guidelines and the matter has been addressed.”

This is, perhaps, Jerrick’s best TV moment since the infamous Spaghetti Cat incident.