Today Is Sheena Parveen’s Last Day at NBC 10

The meteorologist is headed to NBC 4 in Washington, D.C. She'd been with NBC 10 for five years.

Sheena Parveen; NBC 4 logo

Photo | HughE Dillon

In Philadelphia, we don’t have celebrities. Even Jay McCarroll left for Brooklyn. But we do have TV news personalities, and be they news or sports or weather, we tend to worship them. Don’t believe me? Check out Kerri-Lee Mayland’s Instagram. She’s been off Philly TV for six years and people still comment saying they miss her here. Our news anchors are our celebrities.

As such, we should inform you of this development: Sheena Perveen, meteorologist extraordinaire, is leaving. Announced in October, Friday is her last day at NBC 10. (Don’t worry — Glenn “Hurricane” Schwartz and his bow tie are staying.)

Parveen became fodder for local gossip columnists almost immediately after arriving in Philadelphia five years ago, and even took over the 11 p.m. forecast from Schwartz in early 2013. (He remained Chief Meteorologist.)

In 2012, she did an interview with Philadelphia magazine. “What I do is much more noted here than it was in Tampa,” she said at the time. She did finish fairly low in a nonscientific “most accurate meteorologist” poll Victor Fiorillo did in late 2013.

She’ll be heading to NBC 4 in Washington, another well-regarded local station, although there are actual celebrities in D.C. (they’re just political celebrities). But just think: Soon, before tuning into his weekly hate-watch of Saturday Night Live, Donald Trump will be watching Sheena Parveen give the weather forecast.

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