WATCH: Springsteen Played Hillary’s Independence Mall Rally

With the backdrop of Independence Hall, Bruce Springsteen did a three-song acoustic set.

Bruce Springsteen came to Philadelphia last night for a free outdoor show at Independence Mall. Oh, yeah, and tell people to vote for Hillary Clinton. We can only imagine New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, Springsteen super-fan and Donald Trump ally, was in the crowd in a fake nose and glasses.

Springsteen played three songs at the rally: “Thunder Road” (from Born to Run), “Long Walk Home” (from Magic), and “Dancing in the Dark” (from Born in the U.S.A.). He also gave a long, rambling speech on why you should vote for Hillary Clinton while strumming his guitar. Basically, it was just like a mini-Bruce show!

“The choice tomorrow couldn’t be any clearer. Hillary’s candidacy is based on intelligence, experience, preparation and an actual vision of America where everyone counts,” he said. “Hillary sees an America where the issue of income distribution should be at the forefront of our national conversation. She sees an America where an issue of immigration reform is dealt with realistically and compassionately.” Springsteen also called Trump a man “whose vision is limited to little beyond himself.”

Springsteen played for 17 minutes and 21 seconds, or three hours, 46 minutes, 39 seconds shorter than his four-hour, four-minute show at Citizens Bank Park in September.