Clinton, Kaine to Campaign in Philly on Saturday

The Democratic nominees will begin a major get-out-the-vote push.

Tim Kaine; Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine at the DNC in South Philadelphia this July | Photo: Disney/ABC TV (license

Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine will make a joint appearance in Philadelphia on Saturday.

This afternoon the Clinton campaign announced visits by the duo, times and locations unspecified, to both Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. Per a release, the appearance will concentrate on get-out-the-vote efforts and encourage registered voters to visit a Democratic-produced GOTV website.

Most analyses of Clinton’s chances in Pennsylvania rely on a strong voting edge in both Philly and Pittsburgh, both Democratic strongholds. Dems had a 919,000-voter edge at last count largely because of the two cities, and many of the Democratic heavyweights’ visits have concentrated on registering people to vote. Now the message has shifted to getting people to vote.

Democrats aren’t the only group pushing GOTV efforts in the state. The AFL/CIO announced today it would use “100,000 volunteer hours” to knock on 1 million doors over the final three weeks of the campaign. “The GOTV efforts of local labor movements in the home stretch will propel working people towards Election Day,” union president resident Richard Trumka said. “This is the peak of our political program. Together we will elect Hillary Clinton as the first woman president, and work with her administration to rewrite the economic rules so that working people can get ahead and stay ahead.”

City officials gathered yesterday to denounce Trump’s claims of voter fraud in Philadelphia and other large American cities. Studies have shown that large-scale in-person voter fraud is nearly nonexistent, but 41 percent of voters say they believe the election could be stolen from Trump.

The event in Philadelphia is public. People interested in attending can RSVP here.